Data Export

There are two ways to export data from Urchin:

  • using the Export buttons on the upper right of any report screen (easy for any Urchin user)
  • using a database export script (advanced option for programmers only)

Using the Export buttons


Urchin's data export function makes it easy to extract data from any Urchin report. This is useful for bringing report data into a spreadsheet, word processor, database, etc. for further analysis.

To export data from any report, select the appropriate export type based on the application you plan to use to manipulate the data. For general database importing, use tab-separated format.

  • Tab: click the "T" button to export data in tab-delimited format.
  • Word: click the Word icon to export data in Microsoft Word native format.
  • Excel: click the Excel icon to export data in Microsoft Excel native format.
Printing: click the printer icon to get a print-friendly view of the data; click the Print Page link from that screen to actually print the report.

Using a Database Export Script

The U5DataExtractor PERL script queries the Urchin databases for a particular profile and produces text-based reports that are suitable for emailing.

The script should be configured before use with the proper path to the Urchin distribution, and the default profile name. Exectuting the script with the "--help" option displays the usage.

Important Note: This script is strictly provided as-is, with no warranty expressed or implied. This is an unsupported script for use with Urchin 5 only.