Changing the Port Number

Changing the Port Number
The default port number that the Urchin webserver will listen on is 9999. Changing this number consists of two basic steps:

  • Changing the port number in the Server Settings screen
  • Stopping and starting the Urchin services, which will be a slightly different process for Windows versus Unix-type systems

The detailed process is as follows:

  • Login to the Urchin administration interface
  • Navigate to Configuration->Settings->Access Settings and click on the Server Settings tab
  • Set your new port number in the Server Port Number box
  • Click on the Update button

Now you must restart the Urchin services:

  • On Unix-type systems go to the bin directory of your Urchin distribution and run:
        ./urchinctl restart
  • On Windows systems, from the console, go to Start->Programs->Urchin and choose Disable Services, then choose Enable Services.

The webserver should now be listening for connection requests on the new port number. This means that the URL used to view reports and configure the Urchin software has changed, and your users should be notified regarding the new URL.

Please note that on many systems, root privileges may be required to use port numbers less than 1024. Also, if another service is already running on the port specified, Urchin will fail to start.