Urchin WebAnalytics Software is discontinued and is no longer supported. All Urchin documentation applies only to the Urchin product as it was at the time of discontinuation, and does not apply to any Google Analytics products or services.

Setup Recommendations


Once Urchin is installed, there are some initial operational parameters that will have to be configured. This is done via a Setup Wizard that runs when you connect to your Urchin administration interface for the first time. The list of initial configuration actions includes:

  • Licensing Urchin
  • Setting remote report and remote administration access
  • Establishing Data Center Mode operation
  • Setting the Urchin Administrator account password
  • Configuring DNS for remote host lookups


Connect to the Urchin administration interface. On Windows systems you can go to Start->Programs->Urchin->Urchin Administration. On UNIX- type systems, Sun Cobalt, and Mac OS X you can use the URL http://hostname:9999, where hostname is the registered hostname of your Urchin system. For a new installation you should use the following to login:

Username: admin 
Password: urchin
You'll be presented with an Urchin Setup Wizard welcome screen. Click Continue to proceed through each of the following wizard screens. Note that the choices you make in this initial configuration can always be altered later on.

License Urchin

You have to choose one of the links under the Action Items area of this screen to license Urchin before you can proceed with configuring and using the software. Click Buy License to purchase and install a license via the web right away. If you purchased a license via a sales rep prior to installing Urchin, then click Activate Pre- Purchased License. Otherwise, click Obtain Demo License to install an expiring license.

Admin Settings

  • Remote Access Settings - select On for each case if you want to allow remote browser connections. If you select Off for either of these, then the only allowed access is on the console of the system where Urchin is installed.
  • Data Center Mode - this setting determines whether Urchin is configured to allow creation of Affiliations, which allow you to logically organize Profiles, Groups, and Users into restricted access categories. If you are undecided it is best to set this to On as it adds no overhead and gives you the flexibility to use it in the future.

Administrative User

Reset the password for the admin account and record this password for safekeeping.

DNS Lookup

Setting this to On is what allows Urchin to convert the network addresses of incoming requests to your webserver into recognizable domain names. You will need to know the Resolver IP, which is the network address of your local DNS server. Please consult your network administrator if you don't know this information. Setting this incorrectly will hinder Urchin's performance when processing logs.

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