Importing Profiles (Windows)


Urchin's Import Profiles function is a convenient way for users with systems running the Microsoft Internet Information Server to set up Profiles for each of their IIS sites quickly. Urchin can read the IIS configuration, determine what websites are running on the server, and then build basic Profiles for each website that use the IIS logs as their Log Sources. You can then customize the Profiles or add additional Profiles as desired for the imported sites.

How to Import Profiles

To get started importing Profiles, log-in to the Urchin administration system as admin and click on the Configuration button at left. Click the Import button at top-right and you will be taken to the Import Profiles screen. This screen allows you to select which, if any, websites to import. Once you've checked sites to import click the Import button. Click Done when you've finished with all your import choices.


It's a good idea to create at least one Profile for each website on the server so that you get a complete picture of traffic to the server via Urchin's Summary Report. The Summary Report gives you overall traffic information for the server, as well as a ranking of each site by various traffic parameters. This is very handy if you are a host and bill according to bandwidth usage. Note that the Summary Report only shows data based on Profiles that have been configured -- sites that do not have Profiles set up and functioning will not be included.