Administration Interface Overview

Welcome to the Urchin Administration Interface!


The Urchin Administration Interface is a browser-based command center from which you can control virtually everything related to running Urchin, including setting up Profiles, scheduling log processing events, managing Users and Groups, configuring Filters, and much more.

How to Use the Administration Interface

If you have successfully installed Urchin, you should be able to log-in to your Urchin system by opening a browser and entering this URL:


If the computer on which you have installed Urchin is a server, it will have a fully-qualified domain name, which you should use instead. An example of this might be:

The Urchin login screen

Important Note: The default username and password are admin and urchin.


  • Urchin's port number will be 9999 by default. Unless you have a specific reason for changing this, it is advisable to leave it at the default to minimize the chance of potential conflicts with other services. If you do need to change it, this can be done either during the installation process or afterward through the Administration System.
  • You must use the "http://" to access your Urchin system; this is always the case when employing a port other than the default HTTP port (80).

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