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REST_NET Example 2 (v1): Retrieving the list of profiles for a specified account

REST .NET Example 2: Retrieving the list of profiles for a specified account

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1. Specify Service URL:

private const string serviceURL = "http://SERVER_NAME:URCHIN_PORT/services/v1/adminservice/profiles/";

2. Provide login and account information:

private const string login = "YOUR_LOGIN";
private const string password = "YOUR_PASSWORD";
private const int accountId = ACCOUNT_ID;

3. Compose REST URL:

string url = serviceURL + "?login=" + login + "&password=" + password + "&accountId=" + accountId;

4. Retrieve account list:

XPathDocument xPathDocument = new XPathDocument(url);

5. Parse response:

XPathNavigator xPathNavigator = xPathDocument.CreateNavigator();
XmlNameTable xmlNameTable = new NameTable();
XmlNamespaceManager xmlNamespaceManager = new XmlNamespaceManager(xmlNameTable);
xmlNamespaceManager.AddNamespace("tns", "https://urchin.com/api/urchin/v1/");
                                // Get all profiles.
XPathNodeIterator profileXPathNodeIterator = xPathNavigator.Select("/tns:getProfileListResponse/profile", xmlNamespaceManager);

6. Display the information:

while (profileXPathNodeIterator.MoveNext())


    // Function to display profile info.

private static void DisplayProfile(XPathNavigator profileXPathNavigator)
        Console.Write("Profile id is \"" + profileXPathNavigator.SelectSingleNode("profileId/text()") + "\", ");
        Console.Write("profile name is \"" + profileXPathNavigator.SelectSingleNode("profileName/text()") + "\", ");
        Console.Write("account id is \"" + profileXPathNavigator.SelectSingleNode("accountId/text()") + "\", ");
        Console.WriteLine("account name is \"" + profileXPathNavigator.SelectSingleNode("accountName/text()") + "\" ");

The full sample code for this example is available in AdminServiceGetProfileListREST.cs file.

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