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SOAP_NET Example 3 (v1): Getting a list of tables for a profile and the supported dimensions/metrics

SOAP .NET Example 3: Getting a list of tables for a profile and the supported dimensions/metrics

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1. To use the types from the generated class without specifying the namespace, include the namespace as follows:



2. Specify login and profile:


private const string login = "YOUR_LOGIN";
private const string password = "YOUR_PASSWORD";
private const int profileId = 16;

3. Define a service connection for the ReportService:


reportservice reportService = new reportservice();

4. Set up parameters and execute request:


Table[] tables = reportService.getTableList(login, password, profileId);

5. Display the information about retrieved datamaps:


    foreach (Table table in tables)
        Console.WriteLine("Table id is \"" + table.tableId + "\", ");
        // Display the table dimensions.
        Console.WriteLine("dimensions are:");
        foreach (string dimension in table.dimensions)
                Console.WriteLine(" \t\"" + dimension + "\", ");
        // Display the table metrics.
        Console.WriteLine("metrics are:");
        foreach (string metric in table.metrics)
                Console.WriteLine("\t\"" + metric + "\", ");

Complete sample code for this example is available in the ReportServiceGetStorageListSOAP.cs file.

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