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SOAP Example 1 (v1): Retrieving the list of accounts for an authenticated user

SOAP Example 1: Retrieving the list of accounts for an authenticated user

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1. Define login information:


private static final String login = "URCHIN_LOGIN";
private static final String password = "URCHIN_PASSWORD";

2. Define a service connection for the AdminService API:


AdminserviceStub adminStub = new AdminserviceStub();

3. Define a request for the getAccountList method in the AdminService:


AdminserviceStub.GetAccountList accReq = new AdminserviceStub.GetAccountList();

4. Set up the getAccountList request parameters:



5. Retrieve the list of available accounts:


AdminserviceStub.GetAccountListResponse accRsp = adminStub.getAccountList(accReq);

6. Parse and display the response:


      if (accRsp != null){
        AdminserviceStub.GetAccountListResponseSequence [] responseSequence = accRsp.getGetAccountListResponseSequence();
        // Display accounts info
        for (AdminserviceStub.GetAccountListResponseSequence account : responseSequence) {
          System.out.print("account id: \"" + account.localAccount.getAccountId() + "\", ");
          System.out.print("account name: \"" + account.localAccount.getAccountName() + "\", ");
          System.out.print("contact name: \"" + account.localAccount.getContactName() + "\", ");
          System.out.print("e-mail: \""  + account.localAccount.getEmailAddress() + "\", ");
          System.out.println("phone number: \"" + account.localAccount.getPhoneNumber() + "\".");

For the complete sample code, see the implementation of GetAccountList() in the file.

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