New Reporting User Interface

New Reporting User Interface

Urchin 7 features a new, significantly improved Reporting UI. New styling, easy-to-read graphic charts and navigation features allow more flexibility and power in data analysis.


The Advanced Segments feature introduced in Urchin 7 allows you to create custom visit segments and apply them to the reports.


A new Display Dimension selector enables you to switch the displayed dimensions for drill-down reports.


Permanent links have been added to Urchin 7 reports. Permalinks preserve the selected display settings of the report such as filtering, paging, date range, etc. The links can then be IM'ed and embedded into e-mails and web pages.


Reports have been renamed and regrouped to simplify navigation and unclutter the navigation panel. Tabs have been introduced to keep closely-related reports together. Please see Urchin 7 Report Regrouping for more details.


Context links to Help Center articles have been added to the Urchin 7 Reporting UI.