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Why don't my scheduled Tasks run even though the Urchin Scheduler is running?

Why don't my scheduled Tasks run even though the Urchin Scheduler is running?

Description of Problem

Under certain circumstances, the Urchin Scheduler (urchind) may fail to run scheduled Tasks even though the Scheduler is running. Indications of this are:

  1. The Tasks show up as scheduled in the Configuration -> Scheduler -> Task Scheduler screen of the Urchin administration tool, and are rescheduled as expected; but the tasks never actually run

  2. Clicking the "Run Now" button in the Profile Run/Schedule screen brings the expected popup progress window, but the progress bar just says "Error (0%)" and the task never completes.


The usual reason for this is that the Urchin Scheduler was started from a directory that has either been removed, or the permissions were changed so that Urchin no longer has access to it.

As an example, it is very typical to unpack the Urchin installer into a temporary directory to do an installation or upgrade. During the install/upgrade process, the Urchin Scheduler is started with the current working directory being the temporary directory. If that directory is then later removed, the Urchin Scheduler will stop working properly.


To ensure that the Urchin applications can start and run properly, be sure that you start the Urchin Scheduler from a permanent location where Urchin will always have proper access permissions. If you are having problems with the Scheduler, it is best to restart the Urchin services using the following procedure:

Windows Systems

  1. Start -> Programs -> Urchin -> Disable Urchin Services

  2. Start -> Programs -> Urchin -> Enable Urchin Services

UNIX-type Systems

  1. Start a command shell either as "root" or the user that Urchin runs as
  2. Change direcotry to the location where Urchin is installed - e.g. "cd /usr/local/urchin"
  3. Restart the Urchin services with "bin/urchinctl restart"
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