Urchin WebAnalytics Software is discontinued and is no longer supported. All Urchin documentation applies only to the Urchin product as it was at the time of discontinuation, and does not apply to any Google Analytics products or services.

What does 'Warning, Task Scheduler Disabled' mean?

What does 'Warning, Task Scheduler Disabled' mean?

The Urchin task scheduler is a service that is responsible for running the Urchin processing executable. Urchin cannot process jobs if the Task Scheduler is disabled. Common reasons for seeing the error: Warning Task Scheduler disabled" are as follows:

  • The urchind service is not running. This can happen when the server is rebooted and Urchin is not included in the system's start up scripts.
  • (Unix only) The urchind service is running, but it is owned by a different user than that which owns the Urchin distribution.

To determine if the scheduler is running, perform the following tasks:

  • Open a command shell and CD to the /path/to/urchin/bin/ directory
  • type: urchinctl status (on Unix, type ./urchinctl status)

If the scheduler service is not running, you may start it from the command line by performing the following tasks:

  • Open a command shell and CD to the /path/to/urchin/bin/ directory
  • type: urchinctl -s start (on Unix, type ./urchinctl -s start)
  • if both services are not running type: urchinctl start

If the service is running, check the running processes on the server to determine who owns the Urchin process as follows: ps -ef | grep urchind

Note the process owner's "User-Name" in returned output:

User-Name 33597 0.0 0.2 352 204 ?? Ss 27Feb08 17:42.18 /usr/local/urchin6/bin/urchind

If the user is not the same as the user that owns the Urchin distribution, you will have to stop the service and restart it under the proper user. This may be accomplished by performing a "switch user" to the same user that currently owns the urchind process, and stopping the urchinctl. Use the "-s" switch as described above. Then, switch back to the Urchin user and start the urchinctl, again using the "-s" switch.

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