ugetlicense: Urchin License Operation Utility

ugetlicense: Urchin License Operation Utility


The Urchin License Operation Utility, ugetlicense, allows you to perform operations on a serial number. These operations will be necessary if a current Urchin installation becomes unavailable and needs to be reinstalled or migrated to a different server, etc.

ugetlicense provides the following functionality:

  • activation of license serial after purchase;
  • reactivation of license due to migration of Urchin Software;
  • status check of license.


ugetlicense is located in the util directory of the Urchin 6 distribution.

Usage of the utility is as follows:

  ugetlicense -s serial_number [-i] [(-a|-r|-c)] [-V]
  ugetlicense -h
  ugetlicense -v


  -s  serial number to activate
  -i  activate/reactivate serial, but don't install license (print license only)
  -a  activate serial number and install license (default)
  -r  reactivate expired serial number and install new license
  -c  check status of serial number (don't install license)
  -V  verbose mode
  -h  print usage information
  -v  print the version of ugetlicense

After checking on the status of the serial number, the utility returns an exit code:

  0 = waiting activation
  1 = serial code already activated
  2 = invalid serial code