Linking Directly to Urchin Reports

Linking Directly to Urchin Reports


In a standard Urchin installation, delivery of Urchin reports is controlled via the embedded session controller and Apache webserver that ship with Urchin. Users view their Urchin reports by authenticating themselves via an Urchin-controlled login process, and are then presented with a list of Urchin reports that they are authorized to view.

It is possible, however, to bypass Urchin's authentication and session controller and provide users with Urchin reports via a direct link from a portal or other external web site. Urchin 6 provides this capability as one of its standard integration points. In Urchin 6 you can handle and give access certain users to several reports using Accounts (see Working with Accounts). Urchin 6 allows you easy to use Direct Report Linking either reporting data is located in the data/reports directory of the Urchin distribution or not.

How To

Step 1: Enable "Direct Report Linking"

  • Log in to the Urchin administrative interface as the "admin" user.
  • Navigate to the Settings -> Global Settings -> Access Settings screen.

  • Set the "Direct Report Linking" field to "on".

Step 2: Configure links to Urchin reports

  • For each profile (report) to which you want to provide a link, create a link in the following format:


  • where