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Managing issue escalations

As part of the requirements for participating in the Trusted Stores program, you must manage and respond to any customer escalations (issues) filed with Google Trusted Stores within 1 business day.

Escalation creation

Each time a customer contacts Google through their Google Trusted Stores customer account, an ‘escalation’ is created. You will receive an automated email notification and details of the issue will appear in the Escalations tab of your Google Trusted Stores merchant account ( Email notifications will go to the customer support contacts that were provided during the onboarding process. This can be changed in the ‘Access Rights’ tab in your merchant account.

Escalation management

As soon as you receive this email, please reach out to the customer to start investigating the issue. Communication between you and the customer should happen outside the Google Trusted Stores merchant account tool (using your standard customer service management tool). The Google Trusted Stores merchant account is only a reporting tool to tell Google that an issue has been resolved. Order issues should be resolved with the customer first, and then updated in the Google Trusted Stores merchant account.

Issue resolution

Once a resolution is agreed upon with the customer, you will need to close the issue in the Google Trusted Stores merchant account. This option will only be available within 1 business day of the escalation being filed. After that, Google will need to close the escalation.

Please note: All resolution actions taken in the account will send an automated email to the customer, which is why it is important for you to reach a resolution with the customer before updating the issue in your Google Trusted Stores merchant account. We understand some resolutions, such as refunds, may take some time to be processed after you and the customer have already agreed on a resolution and you’ve closed the escalation. We advise that you set correct expectations with the customer to avoid the escalation being re-opened. Additionally, all text entered in the “Comments for the customer” text box will be shared with the customer via their Trusted Stores customer account.

If an issue is not addressed in 1 business day or if the customer indicates in their customer account that they disagree with the proposed resolution, Google will get involved. At this point, no further action can be taken on this issue directly in your account. Google will review the details of the case and your store’s policies to help determine a resolution. We will reach out to the customer support contacts provided in your merchant account and assist in contacting the customer, investigating the issue, and closing the escalation. All Google inquiries (through email and/or phone) should be acknowledge and respond to within 1 business day.

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