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The Google Trusted Stores badge

A Google Trusted Store will display the Google Trusted Stores badge on each page of their site. Customers that click on the badge will see an expanded badge with additional details about the Google Trusted Stores program. Google Shopping seller ratings may also appear on the expanded badge, as well as a link to the reviews associated with your store. Learn more about Google Shopping seller ratings.

Customers can verify that your Google Trusted Stores badge is authentic by clicking the Verify link found at the bottom of the expanded badge flyover. If the badge is authentic, this link will lead to a site validation page, which will always be hosted on the domain.

In order to display the Google Trusted Stores badge, you must complete account setup, technical integration, and the qualification period. Learn more about applying for Google Trusted Stores.

Placement on your store’s site

Standard Floating Badge Position

With the default badge code, the badge will appear in a floating position in the bottom right corner of the customer’s browser window. On a web page which has the floating badge code, the badge will consistently be located in the bottom right position of the browser window as customers scroll through the page.

User Defined Badge Position

You can choose to specify the location of the badge on some or all pages of your website, such as in a non-floating position on checkout pages. This means that your technical team can configure the badge to display in a position relative to your site’s page content (rather than the customer’s browser with the floating version). The position can vary page by page, and can be defined by you.

Tablets and Mobile

While we may experiment with displaying the badge on mobile browsers, not all sites on mobile browsers will display the badge at this time.

Badge specifications

The Google Trusted Stores badge is 146x60 pixels in its closed format.

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