I can't see the badge on my site

The Google Trusted Store badge may not appear on your website for several reasons:

Monitoring mode

A site may be in the monitoring mode for two reasons:

  • Your account may still be in the monitoring period of the application process during which the Google Trusted Store badge will not be visible on your site. At the end of the monitoring period, Google will evaluate your store’s shopping experience and performance against the program’s performance standards to determine if your store qualifies to participate in the Google Trusted Stores program.
  • Your account’s performance grades may have dropped below the acceptable thresholds for performance standards, and your badge may have been disabled. In this case, the badge will appear only after your account meets all required performance standards and after your account has been reviewed and re-approved for eligibility.

Incorrect JavaScript implementation

In order for the Google Trusted Store badge to be displayed on a page, the Google Trusted Store badge JavaScript must be implemented on the page. If you do not see the badge appear on a particular page, use the JavaScript Validator Tool to verify that the code was implemented correctly on the page.

Outside the US

Currently the badge is visible to only those visiting from U.S. IP addresses.