Reply when somebody asks for your location

Once you add somebody as a trusted contact they can ask for your location. If you don't reply within a configured time limit then your location will be automatically shared with that trusted contact.

Here's what happens when somebody asks for you location:

  1. Your phone will ring, like a phone call.
  2. A full-screen notification will tell you who's asking for your location.
  3. You have three choices:
    • Share your location immediately with that contact.
    • Decline, your location is not shared. Your contact will see you declined.
    • Don't answer the request, if the request is not answered after a configured time limit your location is automatically shared. You can set this time limit in the app settings.
You'll receive e-mails whenever somebody requests your location or your location is automatically shared. If you uninstall the Trusted Contacts app your contacts can no longer request your location.