The homepage explained

On the new Google Trends homepage you can explore Trending Stories in real time by category and location. In some locations, you’ll also see featured stories at the top of the page that are curated by the News Lab at Google to provide you with additional insights found in the data.

Note: The new Google Trends will be available in additional countries over the year. If the new Google Trends homepage hasn’t yet launched in your region, you still have access to the real time Explore page and the existing Top Charts, Trending Searches, and Trending on YouTube sections.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Trending Story?

A trending story is a collection of Knowledge Graph topics, Search interest, trending YouTube videos, and/or Google News articles detected by our algorithms.

How are Trending Stories ranked?

Trending Stories rely on technology from the Knowledge Graph across Google Search, Google News, and YouTube to detect when topics are trending on these three platforms.

The Knowledge Graph enables our technology to connect searches with real-world things and places. The algorithm for trending stories groups topics together that are trending at the same time on Google News, Google Search, and YouTube and ranks stories based on the relative spike in volume and the absolute volume of searches.

How are the Featured Stories selected?

The Featured Stories at the top of the new Google Trends homepage are curated by the News Lab at Google to highlight additional insights in the data or interesting trends.