Find more details about a story or topic

To view more context on trending stories, open Google Trends and click on a “Featured Story” or a “Trending Story” from the homepage.

You’ll find data like the most relevant articles, interest over time, interest by region, trending queries, and related topics. The data is collected from Google Search, YouTube, and Google News to provide context around a trending story found on the homepage.

Frequently asked questions

How do I read the "Interest Over Time" chart?

The bar chart represents the number of Google News articles written per hour and corresponds to the grey axis on the right. The line graph represents the Google Search interest over time and corresponds to the blue axis on the left. Interest over time represents search interest relative to the highest point on the chart. This does not convey absolute search volume.

How are the most relevant articles selected?

We look at Google News’ full coverage of stories. If we find that the stories are mainly about topics which are currently trending, we highlight the main articles in the coverage.

We pull from Google News’ full coverage of stories relating to an event. We then use Google News’ ranking to select the top articles for that Trending story.

What are Related Topics?

“Related Topics” are topics searched closely with the main story when the story is trending. They link to more thorough analysis in the Explore page.