You may be searching for a word that has multiple meanings. For example, jaguar could mean that you’re looking for a certain kind of cat, or a certain kind of car. To focus your search on the meaning you’re looking for, you can select a category.

Add a category

After adding your search term, click All categories and then choose a recommended category or another category from the drop down list. After selecting the category, you’ll see Trends data from other users who searched for the term in a similar context to you.

See top searches within a category

To see top search terms within a category, choose a category using the drop-down menu before searching for any words, then click Search. You can also apply a location filter or a time filter using the appropriate drop-down menus.

How adding a category may change your results

When you filter Trends data by category, you will only see search data related to terms in that category. For example, if you're search for the term java in the Food & Drink category, you won’t see any information about searches done for java the computer programming language.

Compare categories

After you select a category for your search term, you’ll see a Compare to category box above the graph. When you check this box, you’ll see a comparison of the growth of your term in relation to any other term in that category. So if you search for [java] and select Food & Drink as the category, you’ll see the growth for the term java against other terms related to Food & Drink.