How to type your search term

You can use search operators to filter the types of results that you see in Trends. Use the chart below to learn about the operators you can use.

Search term Type of results you'll see
tennis shoes

Results can include searches containing both tennis and shoes in any order. Other related terms may be included in your results, like red tennis shoes.

No misspellings, spelling variations, synonyms, plural or singular versions of your terms are included.

"tennis shoes" Results only include the exact search terms included inside of the quotation marks.
tennis + squash Results can include searches containing the words tennis OR squash.
tennis -shoes Results will include searches containing the word tennis, but excludes searches with the word shoes.

Special characters

Currently, search terms that contain special characters, such as an apostrophe, single quotes, and parentheses, will be ignored. For example, if you type women’s tennis world ranking, you get results for womens tennis world ranking.

Compare multiple spellings of a term

Trends treats each version of a word, including a misspelling, as a different search. For example, if you want to compare search trends for variations of the word "center," but want to include common misspellings like "centre" or "centere,"you need to enter all three search terms. In this case, you should search for center + centre + centere.

Search within categories

Use the drop down menu under the search box to select the appropriate category for your term. Once you select a category, you’ll see Trends data for anyone else who searched for your term in that category.