Compare multiple search terms

Add or remove search terms

To compare one term or set of terms to another, click + Add Term beneath the search box. To remove a term, hover over the box then click X to remove.

Group multiple terms together

To search for multiple terms, use the + sign between your search terms. For example, if you want to find searches for horses OR zebras OR donkeys, search for horse + zebra + donkey. Learn more about ways to combine search terms

Compare terms across languages

If you enter a search term using non-Latin characters, you’ll only see data from other countries or regions that use those characters.

Let’s say you you want to compare the Japanese characters for cat in Japan to searches for cat in English. If you enter ねこ, the Japanese characters for cat, you won’t see much data for the United States since many people in the United States will use cat as their search term. In these type of situations, search for both terms by combining them with a + sign ねこ + cat.


You can compare up to five groupings at one time, and include up to 25 search terms in each grouping.