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Fix an error

Did you receive an error message in Google Trends? Learn how to fix common issues below.

Forecast unavailable for this query

The search terms may be too obscure or there may not be enough data to provide a reasonable forecast.

Forecast unavailable for the selected time range

To see a forecast, select 2004 - present as the date range from the drop-down menu.

Not enough search volume to show results

You'll see this message when a search term doesn't have enough search volume. Try the following:

  • Enter fewer search terms
  • Make sure all words are spelled correctly
  • Add alternative spellings for your term
  • Increase your time range
Forecast is unavailable for the selected property

Forecasts currently only work for Web Search. If you’ve selected Image Search, News Search, or Product Search, you won’t see a forecast.

Worldwide top searches are currently unavailable

Your location filter is set to Worldwide and you didn’t enter any terms. Try entering a specific search term to see worldwide top searches related to that term.

Forecast unavailable for some of your comparison items

It’s possible that the search terms may be too obscure or there isn’t enough data to provide a reasonable forecast.

One or more of the comparison items is omitted from the chart

There isn’t enough data for the omitted item in the current time range. Try comparing the term to another term with similar popularity.