Regional interest for search terms

When you search for a term, you’ll see a map of the world that shows areas where your term was popular. The darker the shade, the more popular a search term is in that region.

Get more detail about a particular region

By hovering over a region, you can get more detail about the search volume in that region. To the right of the map, you’ll also see a list of regions or cities that the term was popular in.

Watch regional popularity change over time

To see how interest in your term has changed around the globe over time, click View change over time then the Play button.


Metros are geographical areas defined by Nielsen that generally correspond to the United States federal government's Metropolitan Areas. Currently, Google Trends only provides metros for the United States.

  1. Open Google Trends.
  2. Enter a search term.
  3. In the "Regional interest" section, click the United States on the map.
  4. Click a state on the map.
  5. Click a metro area on the map.

Why some regions aren’t highlighted

If a region on the map isn’t highlighted for a particular search term, that doesn’t mean that there is no interest. Google Trends data is normalized, so the term may still be used in that region, but it may be more popular in other regions.