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Trends graphs and forecasts

When you search for a term on Trends, you’ll see a graph showing the term’s popularity over time in (nearly) real time. Hover your mouse over the graph to examine different points on the graph. Letters on the graph represent news articles that might indicate why a certain term is spiking during that time period.

Reading the graph

Hover your mouse over the graph. The numbers that appear show total searches for a term relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. A line trending downward means that a search term's relative popularity is decreasing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the total number of searches for that term is decreasing. It just means its popularity is decreasing compared to other searches.


Above the graph is a Forecast checkbox. If you check the box, you'll see a prediction of how popular the term will be in the near future. The forecast is based on a mathematical estimate.

You'll only see the clickable Forecast box if the time range is wide enough that the prediction is likely to happen.