Stranica koju ste zatražili trenutačno nije dostupna na vašem jeziku. Možete odabrati neki drugi jezik pri dnu stranice ili u trenu prevesti bilo koju web-stranicu na željeni jezik pomoću ugrađene značajke Google Chromea za prijevod.

Find related searches

When you search for a term in Trends, you’ll see searches related to your term in the "Related searches" section at the bottom of the page.

Tip: If you're comparing multiple search terms, locations, or time ranges, you can see related top searches by selecting the tab for your term.

Top searches

Top searches are terms that are most frequently searched with the term you entered in the same search session, within the chosen category, country, or region. If you didn't enter a search term, top searches overall are shown.

Rising searches

Rising searches are terms that were searched for with the term you entered (or overall, if no keyword was entered), which had the most significant growth in volume in the requested time period. For each rising search term, you’ll see a percentage of the term’s growth compared to the previous time period. If you see “Breakout” instead of a percentage, it means that the search term grew by more than 5000%.

To see more than 10 top or rising related searches:

  1. Open Google Trends.
  2. If you're not signed in, in the top right corner, click Sign in.
  3. Search for a term like coffee.
  4. In the top right of the page, click the menu Menu icon.
  5. Click Download CSV file.
  6. Open the CSV file using a spreadsheet application like Google Sheets.

The CSV will show you extended lists of interest over time, regional interest, and related searches.

Report inappropriate related searches

Google Trends removes search terms that may be explicitly sexual, however some inappropriate material may occasionally be missed. At the bottom of any Google Trends page, click Send Feedback to report offensive content.

Google Trends does not filter controversial topics.

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