Related searches

When you search for a term in Trends, you’ll see searches related to your term near the bottom of the page.

Top searches

Top searches are popular search terms that are similar to the term you entered.

Where top searches come from

The top searches that are shown relate to the term you've entered. If you didn't enter in a search term, the top searches are related to the category, country, or territory you've chosen.

See top searches when comparing search terms

If you're comparing multiple search terms, locations, or time ranges, you can see related top searches by selecting the tab for your term.

Rising searches

Rising searches are searches that have grown significantly in popularity over a given time period when compared to a preceding time period. For example, if you're comparing searches for starbucks coffee during May 2006, the comparison would be April 2006.

For each rising search term, you’ll see a percentage of the term’s growth over a period of time. If you see Breakout instead of an actual percentage, it means that the search term experienced growth greater than 5000%.

Where rising searches come from

Rising searches are presented based on their relation to the search term you entered. For example, if you search for coffee, the rising searches could include popular coffee brands, types of coffee makers, and other types of caffeinated drinks.

How to see more than 10 top rising or related searches

To see more than 10 top or related searches, click the gear icon in the top right of the page > Download CSV file. When you open the CSV file with whatever spreadsheet application you choose, you'll be able to see more than the top 10 searches and rising searches.

Report inappropriate related searches

Google Trends applies a filter for search terms that may be explicitly sexual. No filter is 100% accurate, but these filters should eliminate most inappropriate material. Since some material may occasionally be missed, click Send Feedback at the bottom of any Google Trends page to report offensive content.