New Dashboard Features

TAC is in the process of updating our dashboards, which includes the following common features:

  • New Date Picker
  • Period-over-Period Comparison
  • Saved Name Views
  • Column Selector
  • URL Sharing

Date Picker

Click the date picker in the top right corner to open a calendar view allowing you to select a custom period. Predefined date ranges are available from a pulldown menu on the right.

Period-over-Period Comparison

Clicking the switch to the right of the date picker will add a “previous” date picker, allowing you to select a period for comparison.

Click on the “Previous” date picker to select a range for PoP comparison. The periods can be any dates and ranges. The first day of the previous period will align with the first day of the current period.

Saved Name Views

The dashboard filter state can be saved by clicking the “save” icon.

A window will open asking if you want to update the current state or create a new state. If you select to update the current state, a new window will open with the current state name, which can be edited. Otherwise, you may enter in the name for a new state. The filter state will display below. Depending on the dashboard, some filters may be removable.

Click “Save view” to save the view state. Your saved view states will appear as a dropdown list in the top left corner of the dashboard.

With the launch of Named Views, users might notice that they have a "blank" view already saved on Travel Trends. This was their previously saved state and it can be safely removed or renamed.

Column Selector

Clicking on the Column Selector icon at the top right corner of tabular dashboard sections will open a window allowing you to select the columns for display.

A window will open allowing you to select the columns you wish to be displayed. Click “apply” to update the table with your choices.

URL Sharing

Any dashboard view can be shared with others by simply copying and pasting the full URL in the address bar.

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