The Conversions dashboard provides integrated travel partners with Insights on the conversions generated by bookings on their website.

This topic contains the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Dashboard sections


A conversion is registered when a user purchases a product offered on the carrier website. This dashboard shows the total number of conversions, the revenue generated, and the number of users, and can be filtered according to product type, device type, and route. Any period can be examined using the date filter, going back to 2021.

Dashboard Sections

The dashboard contains the following charts and tables:

  • Highlights
  • Performance Details


The highlights section is only affected by the date range filter on top. It focuses on the number of conversions, total value, average value, and number of passengers..

Two charts show the trend of conversions over time and value over time.

Performance Details


This section allows the user to examine data cuts such as conversions by cabin, device type, conversion type (Book on Google or partner site), as well as origin and destination geos.

Three bar graphs show Trip Type, Cabin, and Day or Week.

Two timeline graphs show Device Type and Conversion Type trends.

The top 10,000 routes are showed in tabular form, based on Book on Google and partner reported conversions. Only routes with 50 or more conversions can be displayed.

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