Travel Trends

Customize travel demand reports filtered by subverticals and user info.

Travel Trends Overview

The Travel Trends dashboard allows you to generate custom reports of travel demand, divided by subverticals, and viewable by multiple dimensions, including query type, geo, and fully customizable period-over-period comparisons.

Data Selection

To view data by subvertical, select one of the domains in the Data Selection tool. Domains include Flights, Accommodations, Activities, Rail, Bus, Car Rental, Cruise, and Ferry.

Choosing a Time Period and Optional Comparison

Customize the data range using the date selection tool in the top right corner of the window. In addition to choosing a custom date range, you may also select a preset for 7, 28, 84, or 365 day period. All charts will update to the selected period. Here you can also enable “Period Over Period Comparison” to view and compare data for up to two custom date ranges at a time.

Data Filters

To refine the data further, use the Data Filters tool. The Basic Filters allows you to define the query type: international or domestic. The Geographic Filters allows you to select multiple origin and destination geos, including country, region, sub region, and city.

Queries Chart

The Queries Chart displays the trends of query volume over time.

Enabling period over period allows you to compare the differences in query volume trends between the periods of your choosing. The queries value is “indexed,” meaning that it shows a normalized value, allowing you to understand the query volume trends without seeing the query volume numbers. You can also view the trends of the international and domestic query share by using the chart column selector.

Table Report

The Table Report allows you to slice the query volume data across multiple dimensions and compare the volume trend from a previous period. The query volume is rounded to the nearest significant digit. By default, only the User Country dimension is initially selected.

New Features

The Travel Trends dashboard contains several new features you may see across TAC dashboards in the future:

Dynamic Period Selection

Dynamic Period Selection lets you select a custom date range for all charts. You can also enable “Period Over Period Comparison” to view and compare data for up to two custom date ranges at a time.

Saved Page State

When you update filters and charts, the settings are saved as the default on subsequent visits. The page state is also reflected in the URL, which you can bookmark for later or share with others.

Chart Column Selection

Each chart allows you to add or remove dimensions and metrics to customize data views.

NOTE: If a column is chosen in which no information is contained within the data selected in the filters, the results will show as "unspecified."

Sharing Custom Reports Using URL

Sharing the URL for a customized dashboard is as easy as copying and pasting.

Guided Tour

The Travel Trends dashboard also features a guided tour that plays on your first visit.

NOTE: This is shown only when on your first visit. If you want to revisit this guided tour then please delete cookies associated with the page. Settings -> Privacy and security -> Cookies



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