September 15, 2022: Brand Insights

We are happy to announce that Brand Insights are now available in TAC! Check with your Google Account Manager for details and access. Demand Explorer and Marketing data has been refreshed and Competitive Capacity Share over time is now available for our Airline partners. 

What's New

Brand Insights

Brand Insights consists of two dashboards: Brand Density and Brand Coverage. These dashboards can help you understand how your brand is performing over time on and measure the impact of brand campaigns and other actions on brand perception amongst users. The brand dashboards cover four key use cases:

  1. Measure and track users' awareness of and interest in your brand
  2. Identify opportunities to increase or reallocate brand investments by market
  3. Understand, evaluate, and optimize the performance of brand campaigns
  4. Develop a sophisticated brand strategy by market segment

Check with your Google Account Manager for details and to request access. Additional information is also available here.

The brand dashboards are currently in Beta - so we are looking for feedback on how we can make them better for you. Once you are granted access, please click the ‘Send Feedback’ button and let us know your thoughts. All feedback is welcome. 

Other Updates in this Release

  • Demand Explorer and Marketing data refresh. This data refresh improves the quality and coverage of our Demand Explorer and Marketing data.
  • For our air supplier partners, a time-series chart showing Competitive Capacity Share over time is now available in the Opportunity Finder dashboard, alongside improved readability of the opportunity type, YoY and Yo3Y metrics. The main dashboard table has also been updated to fix some display issues.
  • This release also fixes an issue where many Air searches for Miami were grouped in with Fort Lauderdale. A few other cities were also impacted.
  • A recent drop in New Zealand and Indonesia searches has been resolved.

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