February 3, 2022

Travel Analytics Center version February 3, 2021

We are happy to announce that accommodation booking window and length of stay insights are now available in the Demand Explorer. Other portal updates include year over 3 year growth calculations, Google Flights Conversions by Type, and Flights Status rehosting.

What's New

Accommodations Booking Window (Lookahead) and Length of Stay Insights

Our new Accommodations Lookahead dashboards pull anonymized advanced booking window and length of stay data from Google Hotel Ads impressions. Hotel Ads is the product users engage with when they browse hotel and vacation rental properties through Google.

This release adds two new dashboards, one for user country to destination country trends and another for destination location trends. Please see our Lookahead Analysis Help Center articles for details.


Year over 3 Year (Yo2Y) comparisons

The Demand Explorer Destination Trends dashboards have been updated to display ‘year over 3 year’ rather than ‘year over 2 year’ period changes. This allows comparison of current metrics with those of a relatively stable period of time. Many partners have reported a preference for this time period comparison due to Covid-19’s influence on Travel.

Google Flights Conversions by Type

For our Google Flights partners, the Conversions dashboard now has a chart that shows conversions over time, broken down by conversion type. The two types of conversions are:

  • Partner: Conversions reported by the partner
  • Book on Google: Conversions through BoG integration 

Flights Operational Status Rehosting

[Flights Platform partners only] Data Safety and Incident Status dashboards are now available in our separate Google Flight Tools portal. These dashboards are replacing Travel Analytics Center’s (TAC) Operational Status reports. While the reports in TAC will still be available for a few weeks, we encourage partners to start using the new dashboards as soon as possible. See the Google Flight Tools Release Notes for more information.

Known Issues

  • X-axis labels for some time series charts are clipped or partially occluded by the legend.

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