The Referrals dashboard provides our travel partners with details about leads generated by user interactions with their booking links on Google Flight Search.

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A referral is registered when a user selects a booking option in Google Flights Search. This indicates a lead which may or may not result in a conversion (booking). When selecting a flight, users can also choose between different booking options and associated fares, which are registered with the referral.

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The dashboard shows overall referral metrics over a configurable period of time. Metrics include the total number of referrals with their lead values, presented by user country, origin country, and destination country.

More detailed performance metrics show information such as cabin class, the type of device the user searched with, routes and airports, and whether the referral took the user to a link on the partner web site or (if supported) to Book on Google. These views are configurable via filters.

Use the Date Range control to specify the period of time you want to cover.

Dashboard Sections

The dashboard contains the following charts and tables:


The highlights section is only affected by the date range filter on top. It focuses on the referrals, lead value and passengers for the selected date range, as well as conversions data when enabled.

It also contains the trend of referrals over time and how it compares against the same period last year, as well as cuts by by user country, origin country and destination country.

Performance Details


This section allows the user to deep dive on various data cuts such as referrals by trip segment count, passenger count, cabin, or day of the week, among others. All of these charts are affected by the shopping and geo filters to the right.

Fare Products

The last section reports Fare Product performance if they are enabled in Google Flights. In Google Flights, users are presented with a pre-selected (offered) fare product on the booking page based on the class of itinerary they searched. The user might click the offered fare product, click a cheaper option (which we call a "downsell"), or click a more expensive option (an "upsell").

This section shows a table that includes the fare product that was clicked with each referral. The fare products UI is not always shown in Google Flights, in which case the clicked fare product is reported as "N/A." By expanding each row, it is also possible to see which fare products were pre-selected, and we compute upsell and downsell metrics for those.

To preserve user privacy, fare products that were rarely offered are blanked out. Also, this section adapts only to the date range filter at the top of the dashboard.

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