Enterprise Reports

 Enterprise Reports show you information about your Enterprise Flights service requests. Depending on what Google services you use in your travel solutions, you can view operational metrics such as query duration, volume and errors details.

You might not have access to all of the reports described this section. Your system must be configured to use each type of report. For more information, reach out to your Google contact.
To access logs for your travel service requests, use Flight Tools Log Lookup.

All enterprise report times and dates appear in UTC format. Data is refreshed at hourly intervals.

Get Started

  • Visit the following link: https://partnerdash.google.com/apps/flightsreportingcenter or select the 'Flights Reporting Center' application in Partnerdash: https://partnerdash.google.com

  • Log in using the Google account associated with your corporate email address.

    • If you encounter a 403 error, please check that you are logged in with the correct account. If the error persists, let us know in case your account has not been configured for access.

    • If you don’t have a Google account or can’t find it, follow these instructions to see if an account exists. If you need to set up a Google account, create one here using your corporate email address (for example: jane@excellent-airline.com) and let your ‘Account Manager’ know that you have just created one

  • Under the ‘Enterprise’ section, navigate the QPX Connect and BBX reports by clicking on:

    • Multi-day to see data at day level

    • Intra-day to see data for a given day at minute level

Select date and filters

Date/date range

By default, the data displayed are:

  • ‘The last 7 days’ in the ‘Multi-day’ page

  • ‘Today’ in the ‘Intra-day’ page

Change date [range] using the date widget at the top right side of the page.


To adjust the data you want to display, play with the following filters (displayed at the top of the page):

  • Account

  • Product

  • Environment - By default results from Production servers are displayed.

  • API Name

  • API Key name

  • API version

  • Operation

  • Search name

  • Rule profile


To change the filter values:

  • Select a filter

  • Check/uncheck value(s) using the drop down menu. 

  • Click 'APPLY’

To reset the filter, click on this icon (displayed next to the filters): 

View your data

To refresh the data, click on the ‘Refresh’ icon displayed at the top right of the page (next to the date picker)


In score cards

Below the filters, find scorecards displaying the following key metrics:

  • Total query volume

  • Mean QPS

  • Mean query duration (in ms)

  • Number of errors

  • Percentage of errors compared to the query volume

In tabs

Find volume, duration and error metrics in the different tabs (below the filters and the score cards).

  • ‘Overview’ tab shows:

    • Overtime:

      • The query and error volumes per product

      • The max, mean and min Query Per Second (QPS)

      • The max, mean and min query duration (in ms)

    • The total number of errors per error message

  • <Dimension> tab shows:

    • Overtime:

      • The query volume per <dimension>

      • The mean query duration (in ms) per <dimension>

      • The number of errors per <dimension>

    • A summary of the query volume, mean QPS, Percentage of error compared to the query volume, mean query duration (in ms) per <dimension>



  • The list of <dimension> is: ‘Account’, ‘API Key’, ‘API Name’, ‘Operation’, ‘Rule Profile’, ‘Search Name’, Summarizer’ and ‘API Version’

  • See this page for more details on the different error messages

In time series

To hide/display label(s) in time series and have the scale adjusted automatically, select/unselect label(s) in the legend. 

Unselected labels are greyed out.

In tables

Click on column name to change the data ordering in tables.

Download data

To download the report data as CSV, click on the ‘download’ iconlocated at the top right side of each chart/graph.


Note: you need to be in the graph area to see the icon



If you encounter an issue or would like to send us feedback, either:

  • Click on ‘Send Feedback’ located at the bottom left of the menu panel. In the pop-up window:

    • Enter a description as detailed as possible

    • Click ‘Send’ to submit

  • Contact your ‘Account Manager’ with any questions.

Note: ‘Send feedback’ link may be hidden, if so click on the top left hamburger icon: 

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