June 8, 2020: Flights Demand Explorer

Updates in Flights Reporting Center version June 8, 2020

New Flights Demand Explorer (FDE) Lookahead Analysis dashboard

FDE Lookahead Analysis aims to provide insights such as lookahead window, trip duration, and trip type percentages. To compute these metrics, the tool leverages aggregated and anonymized mid-funnel searches in Google Flight Search: www.google.com/flights

This information helps travel partners plan and prepare their operations, both from a SEM perspective and from an operations perspective.

What Lookahead Analysis offers

  • Lookahead Window: when users expect to travel in the future by showing the number of days between search date and departure/travel date
  • Trip Type: one-ways vs. return trips (round trip, multi-city, open-jaw)
  • Trip Duration: Trends showing the number of days between departure date and return date
  • Trends by search week and by route
  • Customizable insights with multiple data slicers and filters, including device type and geography (subcontinent, countries, regions, cities)

What to do

  • Familiarize yourself with the Lookahead Analysis tool in the Flights Reporting Center, including the “Summary” tab and the “Origin - Destination” tab.
  • Check out the Demand Explorer FAQ
  • Send questions or suggestions to us using the 'Send Feedback' button in the Flights Reporting Center

Other Updates Included In This Release

  • “Demand Explorer - Destination” was renamed to “Demand Explorer - Destination Trends”.
  • Destination Country and User Country scatter plots were added to the “Destination Trends” dashboard.
  • A new “Queries by Int'l vs. Domestic” chart was added to the “Destination Trends” dashboard.
  • A few minor data-related bugs were fixed.

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