February 13, 2020: Marketing updates

Updates in Flights Reporting Center version Feb 13, 2020

Marketing Reports / Route Coverage Tool

  • New ‘International Demand’ dashboard for Carriers. This dashboard shows demand and performance data broken out by user origin country, destination country, and Rest of World (RoW) for most routes across the globe. 

  • The ‘Routes by Country’ report for OTAs/Metas has been renamed ‘International Demand’. The report now has an improved layout, additional data tables, filters, dimensions, and colors.

  • Improved handling of seasonal routes. 

  • IATA city code information has been added to our table visualizations. City codes are displayed in nondirectional origin and destination (NDOD) format.

  • Added new filters and data dimensions such as distance between cities in KM and origin / destination subcontinent.

  • Coverage insights have been improved through a revamped data pipeline.

  • Multiple dashboards now cover more than 90 days (doesn’t apply when showing YoY metrics). 

  • Data refresh information has been added to the dashboards.

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