About Travel Analytics

The Travel Analytics Center mission is to empower partners, large and small, in the travel and accommodation industries to rapidly respond to dynamic environments using Google’s powerful travel demand and performance data.

We accomplish this by offering a series of dashboards that answer the following questions:

  • What destinations are trending?
  • Where are people traveling from?
  • How far in advance are people looking to travel?
  • How well are routes performing?
  • To what extent is my brand Top of Mind?

Our data comes from general Google.com searches, Google Flights Searches, Hotel Ads, and Things-to-Do. The data is heavily processed and anonymized to ensure relevancy and privacy.

Travel Analytics Center is available only to our partners in the travel and accommodation industry. If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact your Google account manager.

See how the Travel Analytics Center can help with:

The Travel Industry

The Accommodations Industry

Marketing for both industries

Travel Analytics for the Travel Industry


Our travel industry partners include airlines, travel agencies, car rental companies, bus lines, rail, and even in some cases, retailers integrated with the travel industry.

Flights Demand Explorer

Where are the pockets of growth?

Flights Demand Explorer examines trends by subcontinent, country, region, and city; country-to-country and city-to-city routes, with Yo3Y, Yo2Y, and YoY breakdowns.

Lookahead Analysis

Where, when, and for how long are people looking to travel?

  • Interval between search date and departure date; search date and return date
  • Interest in one way versus round trip travel
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly trends
  • Subcontinent/country/region/city origin and destination filters
  • Domestic versus international

Google Flights

How am I performing on Google Flights? What flights are people clicking on versus my competitors, and which result in bookings?

Google Flights focuses on data generated from the Google Flights tool, analyzing comparative performance of airlines.


Competitiveness: Analyze how your pricing, visibility, and route coverage compare to competitors.

Referrals: View data on which booking options are clicked.

Conversions: Chart the referrals that convert to sales.

Book on Google: See conversion rates, booking errors, and location data for Book on Google partners.

Quality: View how your itineraries match user searches.

Travel Analytics for the Accommodations Industry

 Our accommodations industry partners include hoteliers, booking agencies, vacation rental marketplaces, and others.

Accommodations Demand Explorer

Where are the pockets of growth?

The Accommodations Demand Explorer examines trends in the types, times, length-of-stays, and locations of accommodations.

  • Daily trends of destination-based accommodation queries compared with previous periods.
  • Query volume at the country, region, and city levels.
  • User location data.
  • Demand by travel radius. Country, region, and city directionalities.

Lookahead Analysis

View data for both country-to-country and destination.

The Lookahead Analysis for Accommodations processes Google accommodations-related search data to understand people’s accommodations plans.

  • How far in advance travelers are looking to stay.
  • How long travelers plan to stay.
  • Trends by geo.
  • Trends by search week.

Travel Analytics for Marketing

The Marketing dashboards offer performance metrics related to travel searches on Google, allowing you to view trends, analyze campaign effectiveness, and identify opportunities.

Opportunity Finder

Identify routes where you have a strong market presence but low click coverage. Filter by origin and destination and micro and macro levels.

International Demand

View ad performance by route over the past 180 days. View queries, impressions, and clicks for general and specific routes, with ad performance at the user’s location.

Brand Insights

Gauge interest in your brand relative to population in specified geos; correlate with campaigns to identify growth opportunities.

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