Train availability & class

When you book a train ticket, you’ll see the availability of the train and the different classes that you can book.


Railway ticket code Description
AVAILABLE Confirmed availability for your ticket.
CAN/MOD Cancelled or modified passenger.
CNF/Confirmed Confirmed. Coach or berth number is available after chart preparation.

General wait list. This is the most common type of wait list and has the highest chance to be confirmed. Upon confirmation, the status changes to RAC.

For example, if your availability showed the status “GNWL12/WL4,” the 12 indicates your initial position in the general wait list, while the 4 is your overall wait list status. The numbers indicate 8 passengers cancelled their confirmed or wait list ticket. Your general wait list position is unique to you on this trip.

NOSB No seat berth. This code is generally used for child passengers who aren’t assigned a berth as requested.
PQWL Pooled quota wait list. This waitlist is shared by several small stations as opposed to a single station.
RAC Reservation against cancellation. Your seat is guaranteed, but the berth needs to be shared between 2 people. If RAC becomes a CNF ticket, individual berths will be allotted.
R# # RAC coach number or berth number. The same berth will be allotted to 2 RAC passengers and they need to share it. For example, “RA1, 12” refers to seat 12 in coach A1.
REGRET/WL No more booking is permitted.
RELEASED Ticket aren't cancelled, but alternative accommodations are provided.
RQWL Roadside quota wait list. If you book a ticket from one intermediate station to another, that isn’t covered by any other quotas or wait lists, your request may be added to an RQWL.
TQWL Tatkal wait list. When the wait list moves up, you can expect a confirmed berth instead of RAC.

Wait list number. Each time a confirmed ticket or wait list ticket is cancelled, this number goes down.

For example, “WL4” indicates that 4 current passengers would need to cancel before you’re given the seat. If 2 people cancelled, it would become “WL2.”


Code Class Accommodations
1A Air-conditioned (AC) first class
  • 2 or 4 berths per compartment.
  • Passengers can lock their compartment doors.
  • Small tables.
  • Privacy curtains.
  • Food prepared and served.
  • Attendant call button.
  • Dustbin inside compartment.
  • Pets are allowed, subject to various conditions.
  • Washbasins in the compartment of select trains.
  • Bedding provided.
FC First class
  • 2 or 4 berths per compartment.
  • Passengers can lock their compartment doors.
  • Individual reading lamps.
  • If booked in advance, bedding is available for an extra charge.
2A AC 2-tier sleeper
  • 6 berths per compartment, arranged in cubicles
  • Privacy curtains
  • Individual reading lamps
  • Bedding provided
3A AC 3-tier
  • 8 berths per compartment
  • Bedding provided
3E AC 3-tier economy
  • 9 berths per compartment.
  • Bedding provided.
    Tip: For Garib Rath Express, bedding must be requested when you make the reservation and for an extra charge.
CC AC chair car
  • 5 seats per row.
  • Sitting room only. No standing allowed.
  • Overhead space to store luggage.
  • Small tables attached to the back of the seat in front of you.
SL Sleeper class
  • 8 berths per compartment.
  • Windows can be opened and closed, but are not covered with glass.
  • Bedding not provided.
2S Second sitting
  • 6 seats per row.
    • Reserved seats are chairs.
    • Unreserved seats are benches.
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