About price guarantee on Google Flights

What is a price guarantee? 

Price guarantee is part of Book on Google within Google Flights. For some flight prices, Google's algorithms are confident that the price you're seeing is the lowest available before the flight departs. After you book on Google, we'll keep monitoring the price until take-off, and if it drops, you'll automatically get the difference back. 

How much money can I get back? 

Price guarantee pays you the difference between the flight price when you book and the lowest ticket price. To get money back, the price difference must be greater than $5. You can receive up to $500 back total for all of the flights you book with Google price guarantee. 

How do I get one? 

Price guarantee is only available for flights for which we're confident that the price won't drop.These flights are marked with a colorful price badge when you're picking your departing and returning flights. Price guarantee only refunds you if the price of your flight drops after you book and before you fly. 

How long do they last? 

Price guarantee goes into effect after you book on Google. However, if the price changes too quickly before you book, we may not be able to provide the guarantee anymore. This happens when the airline updates prices faster than they load on Google Flights, so you may see a price guarantee, but if the price updates before you book, the guarantee may not be available when you go to book. 

Do I have to pay for it? 

Nope, the price guarantee is free. All you do is book on Google, and we take care of the rest. 

What happens after I book? 

After you book, we'll keep monitoring the price until takeoff. Before you depart, you may get an email letting you know if the price dropped or not. If it did, we'll send you a link where you can claim the difference after you complete your trip. Once you fill out the form, Google will deposit the difference right in your bank account. If the price didn't go down, you can rest assured that you got the best price with Google Flights.

What happens if I cancel my trip? 

If your plans change and you cancel some or all of your trip, you won't receive the refund. 

For how long is price guarantee available?

Price guarantee is available between August 13th and September 2nd, 2019. You'll see the price guarantee badge on select flights where travel is completed by November 24th, 2019.

Where can I see all the details? 

You can see the detailed nuts and bolts for how the program works in our terms and conditions. If the price guarantee program is available for your trip, the price guarantee terms of service will apply.

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