Страницата што ја баравте не е достапна на вашиот јазик во моментов. Може да изберете друг јазик од долниот дел на страницата или веднаш да ја преведете која било веб-страница на саканиот јазик користејќи ја вградената функција за преведување на Google Chrome.

Use Google Trips app features in Google Search & Maps

You can find your favorite Google Trips app features in Google Search and Google Maps.

Find Google Trips app features in Search

Note: To find personal Trips information in Search, such as notes and saved places, you must sign in to your Google Account.

  • Things to do in a destination: To find top attractions, popular experiences, dishes, neighborhoods, and more to start planning your trip, search for things to do in your destination or go to google.com/travel and navigate to the "Explore" tab.
  • Trip reservations: To browse your past and upcoming reservations, search for my trips or go to google.com/travel. You’ll also be able to edit your trip details.
  • Notes from the Trips app: You can find your notes from the Google Trips app in your trips at google.com/travel.
  • (Coming soon) Add or edit notes: Soon, you’ll be able to add or edit notes at the bottom of upcoming and past trips.
  • Saved places: You can find saved attractions, flights, and soon hotels in your upcoming and past trips.

Find Google Trips app features in Maps

Note: To use most Trips features in Maps, you'll need the Google Maps app Maps.

  • Things to do in a destination: To find things to do in a destination, like iconic places, city guide lists, events, or restaurants, swipe up on the “Explore” tab or search for a destination. 
  • Saved places: To browse your saved places, tap Menu Menuand then Your places and then Saved‌.
  • Trip reservations: Tap Menu Menuand then Your places and then Reservations. Your reservations will be organized by trip, as they are in Google Trips today. They'll also be automatically available offline, so you won't have to manually download them. 
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