Find and manage your trips

Google Travel has your trip info, like your reservations and research. The “Trips” tab organizes your confirmed reservations and recent travel-related activity for easier planning.

When you’re signed into your Google account, you can find your reservations we send to your Gmail. These include reservations for airlines, hotels, car rentals, restaurant bookings, and train or bus travel.

You can also find information about your travel research and recent activity.

Your Google settings

To find your trip reservations and travel research, turn on Private results and Web & app activity.

When you sign in to your Google Account, “Private results” shows searches important to you, like from other Google products. “Web & app activity” lets us save your searches and website visits on signed-in devices for more customized experiences across Google.

If you don’t want to find private results in “Trips,” turn off one or both of these settings. Learn more about your Google Account Activity.

Confirm you're a traveler on a trip

Receive updates to flight statuses and additional trip notifications when you confirm you are a traveler on a trip. To confirm:

  1. Go to Trips at Google Travel.
  2. Scroll to “Past trips” or “Upcoming trips” and find the trip you want to update.
  3. To confirm you’re a traveler on the trip, under your trip name, turn on:
    • “I’m traveling on this trip” for future trips.
    • “I traveled on this trip” for past trips.

Upcoming trips

You can find all your travel info, like upcoming trips and past trips, on our travel page.

The "Upcoming trips" section shows your travel with confirmed reservations, like booked flights and hotels. Click or tap on individual reservations to get important info, like flight departure times and confirmation numbers.

Upcoming trips are created from confirmations we send to your Gmail. If you don’t find your reservation in “Trips” and you get your confirmation email to a non-Gmail account, try to forward your reservation confirmation email to your Gmail. Also make sure you sign in with the right account.

To turn off this feature, go to Search results from your Google products.

Important: Private info you find on “Upcoming Trips” isn’t shared with anyone else.

Send reservations

  1. Open Google Travel.
  2. Scroll to “Upcoming Trips.”
  3. On your trip, click More More.
  4. To send to an email, click Send reservations.

Delete trip

  1. Open Google Travel.
  2. Scroll to “Upcoming Trips."
  3. On your trip, click More More.
  4. To remove trip info, click Delete trip.

Edit trip

  1. Open Google Travel.
  2. Scroll to “Upcoming Trips."
  3. On your trip, click More More.
  4. To change the name of your trip or the start and end dates, click Edit trip.

Edit reservations

  1. Go to Trips at
  2. Scroll down to “Upcoming Trips.”
  3. Click on the image of your trip.
  4. To expand the reservation you want to edit, such as flight, car, or hotel reservations, click on it.
  5. At the end of the expansion, click Edit.
Tip: Edits made to reservations will not change the content of the email from which the reservation was generated.

Trip suggestions

Trip suggestions are based on the destinations and trips made from confirmation emails sent to your Gmail. You can use these suggestions to find activities at your destination and help plan your trip.

Travel research

Travel research uses your saved and recently-searched flights, hotels, and Things to do to help you plan for upcoming trips.

  • Hotels are added based on your searches on Google and places you saved from Maps or Search.
  • Things to do are added based on what you search for or saved on Google Maps and Search or Explore on Google Travel.
To remove any saved item, click More Organizeand thenRemove.
Important: Once you remove an item from the Trips page, it won't be removed from your search and browsing history. If you want to remove an item from your search or browsing history, go to My Google Activity.

Potential trips

Potential trips shows travel suggestions based on your recent activity, like your searches, saves, and tracked prices. Suggestions are also based on your previous interactions with other Google products, like Maps, Chrome, and YouTube.

To turn off this feature or find more information, go to Search results from your Google products.

Suggested destinations

Suggested destinations are personalized recommendations for places you might like to travel. These destinations are based on your booked trips.

Past trips

Past trips gives a record of trips you took, along with the dates and other info. Past trips are automatically created from confirmations we send to your Gmail.
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