Use “Your trips” to organize your travel

The “Your trips” tab can be accessed only on mobile devices.

The “Your trips” tab organizes your confirmed reservations and recent travel-related activity for easier planning. Reservations sent to your Gmail address will appear here when you’re signed into your Google account, including reservations for airlines, hotels, car rentals, restaurant bookings, and train and bus tickets.

You can also find information from your travel research and recent activity.

Your Google settings

To see your trips and travel research, you’ll need to turn on 2 settings: Private results and Web & app activity.

“Private results” allows results that may be relevant to you from other Google products you see to be displayed for you on Google when you’re signed in. “Web & app activity” allows your searches and website visits on signed-in devices to be saved for more customized experiences across Google.

To opt out of a personalized Your trips experience, turn off one or both of these settings. To learn more about your Google Account Activity, visit My Activity.

Access Your trips

You can find all your travel info anytime on mobile devices by visiting and tapping on the Your trips tab.

Important: This information you see on this tab isn’t shared with anyone else. The tab may not always show, depending on the type of device you’re using and whether or not you’re signed in.

Upcoming trips

This section shows your travel with confirmed reservations, such as booked flights and hotels. Click or tap on individual reservations to retrieve important information, such as flight departure times and confirmation numbers.

Upcoming trips are automatically created from confirmations sent to your Gmail. If you don’t see your reservation in “Your trips” and you received your confirmation email to a non-Gmail account, try forwarding your reservation confirmation email to your Gmail account. Also make sure you’re logged in with the right account.

If you would like to turn off this feature, visit Search results from your Google products page for more information.

Send reservations

Click the three-dot menu 3 dot icon on the “Upcoming trips” screen to send reservations to an email address.

Delete trip

Click the three-dot menu 3 dot icon on the “Upcoming trips” screen, and then select “Delete trip” to remove trip information.

Edit trip

If you’d like to edit your reservations, plan your days, and find things to do once you’re at a destination, or download reservations for offline use, use the Google Trips App.

Potential trips

This section shows travel suggestions based on your recent activity, including your searches, saves, and tracked prices.

If you’d like to turn off this feature or find more information, visit the Search results from your Google products page.

Travel research

In the “Upcoming trips” and “Potential trips” sections, you’ll also find any travel research you’ve done, including your saves (such as saved places), tracked prices, and recent searches.

Find out how to save from your search results

Tracked flight prices

You’ll be able to see when there’s been a price change on flights you’re tracking. 

Find out how to track flights and prices

Past trips

This section provides a record of trips you’ve taken, along with the dates and other info. Past trips are automatically created from confirmations sent to your Gmail.
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