Explore a destination

Research places to visit and things to do. Access travel tools that help you learn about your destination. To access Explore, you can search for a destination like "Vancouver" or "things to do" in a city, or go to google.com/travel and click Explore. You can also type a country or city name into Google Search, and look for the Travel guide icon  on the right hand panel or within search results.

Travel guide

Get a snapshot of the top activities for the location you entered, along with a preview of flight and hotel prices, and a link to a location-specific travel guide.

Travel guides provide a brief overview of the destination, including potential trip prices. Click on the flights  or hotels  icons to explore prices in depth. You can also explore prices and book flights and hotels using Google Flights and Google’s hotel finder and booking tool.

Things to do

If you toggle over to things to do, you'll see popular things to see and do in a destination including a map, reviews and other helpful information.

Day plans

Use this section to see itinerary ideas for your trip. Some day plans are written by Google, while others are based on the visits of actual travelers. If you have saved places or sights that interest you, they should be featured in some of your suggested plans. Click on a day plan to see a list of attractions and a suggested itinerary with a map. Click on specific attractions to learn more about them.

If you only have a day

A busy day spent exploring must-see attractions, including the Giza pyramid complex, Tahrir Square, and the Egyptian Museum.

Based on actual visits

Antiquities of ancient Egypt

Soak up the antiquities of ancient Egypt, from monumental pyramids to royal mummies.


Written by Google

When to visit

Use this section, which includes a description of the weather throughout the year and the most popular and least crowded times to visit, as you make decisions about the timing of your trip.

Travel articles

Learn more about your destination and how to best plan your trip using links to destination-specific articles from other websites.

Travel videos

Learn more about your destination by watching videos from other websites.

Continue exploring

Find out about other destinations and attractions in the area by scrolling to “See more while you’re there” and “Other places to explore.”

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