Discover things to do

Find things to do in destinations across the globe.

To research activities and attractions:

  1. Go to Google Travel.
  2. On the left, click Things to do Camera - Things to do.
  3. In the search bar, enter the destination you'd like to explore and click "Enter."

Tip: You can also go to Google Search, enter a destination, and look for the Travel guide icon  on the right-hand panel or within search results.

Things to do

You can learn more about popular attractions and activities in your destination, including top sights, restaurants, notable neighborhoods, and more:

  • Read reviews, travel articles, and other information to help you plan your trip.
  • Get a list of iconic local dishes and learn why people love them. 
  • Discover notable neighborhoods and explore their unique attractions.
  • Find top sights based on historical relevance, feedback from other travelers, and insights from locals. You can also search top sights by interests like “Kid-friendly,” “Outdoors,” and “Art & Culture.”

Day plans

Find itinerary ideas for your trip. Some day plans are written by Google, while others are based on actual travelers’ visits. If you’ve saved places or sights that interest you, they’ll likely be featured in some of the suggested plans. Click on a day plan to find a list of attractions and a suggested itinerary with a map. Click on specific attractions to learn more about them.

If you only have a day

A busy day spent exploring must-see attractions, including the Giza pyramid complex, Tahrir Square, and the Egyptian Museum.

Based on actual visits

Antiquities of ancient Egypt

Soak up the antiquities of ancient Egypt, from monumental pyramids to royal mummies.


Written by Google

Travel articles

Learn more about your destination and how to best plan your trip using links to destination-specific articles from other websites.

Continue exploring

Find out about other destinations and attractions in the area when you scroll to “See more while you’re there.”

Frequently asked questions

Can I add a photo for a destination?

Learn more about adding photos to Google Maps.

What if an attraction or landmark is missing?

Check to see if the attraction or landmark exists on Google Maps. Learn more about places in Google Maps.

Why do I see sights outside of the destination that I've chosen?

Travellers often want to take trips to nearby areas. Google tries to give the best options to explore places within your destination, as well as points of interest nearby.

How do I find restaurants, transport and events?

Use Google Search or Google Maps on your trip or when planning ahead.

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