Day plans

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Use day plans to organize your trip step-by-step and hour-by-hour. You can map out full or half-day itineraries and get suggestions for things to see and do. Create your own plan or use one of the suggested day plans. Day plans may not be available for all areas.

The day plans home screen

Within each trip, the “Day plans” home screen displays any day plans that you’ve created, as well as a list of suggested day plans. To expand any day plan card, tap the down arrow in the lower right. This lets you see detailed information about the day plan, including individual stops, typical visit durations, and transportation options.

Create a day plan

  1. In the lower right corner of the “Day plans” home screen, tap the plus button . You'll see a map with attractions represented by blue dots.
  2. Whenever you tap the Magic wand , a new day plan is created from these attractions.
  3. Browse through suggested day plans by tapping on the map or swiping through the attraction cards at the bottom.
  4. If you like any part of a suggested day plan, you can pin those attractions by tapping them on the map and selecting Pin this sight on the pop-up menu.
  5. Pinned attractions will be kept when you use the Magic wand to create another day plan.
  6. You can also tap any attraction on the map that isn’t part of the day plan and pin it. If possible, the attraction will be added to the day plan and retained during use of the Magic wand.
  7. Save and name the day plan when it’s the way you want it. In the top right, tap the save icon .

Use filters

At the top left of the map when creating a day plan, you can select filters  to guide the Magic wand.

The filters let you choose whether you'd like to explore during the morning, afternoon, or all day. Your choices will determine the inclusion or exclusion of attractions that have limited opening hours.

There’s also a filter for selecting a particular day of the week to avoid generating a day plan that includes an attraction that’s closed on that particular day.

Customize suggested day plans

When you tap on a suggested day plan, you’ll see a map without the Magic wand. To make these plans your own:

  1. In the top right, tap Edit . This creates a copy of the day plan with all of the customization features enabled.
  2. If you want to keep parts of the suggested day plan, tap them on the map and select Pin this sight before using the Magic wand.
  3. Note that if you start from a themed day plan (like “Kid-friendly” or “For art lovers”), new suggestions generated by the Magic wand may not match the original theme.
  4. When the day plan is the way you want it, tap the save icon  in the top right.

How the Magic wand works

The algorithms behind the Magic wand  use information about attractions, such as typical visit duration, transport duration, typical flow of visitors between attractions, and opening hours, to create day plans that are not only doable but are based on the experience of past travelers.

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