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Add attractions to your “Saved places” to keep track of things you want to see and do on your trip.

In a trip’s “Saved places” section, you can view attractions and restaurants you’ve saved in Google Maps, Google Search, or Google Trips.

Add to Saved places from the Trips app

In the Trips app, you can find attractions and restaurants in the Things to do, Day plans, or Food & Drink sections. If you see a place you’d like to visit, tap the save icon . You can then choose to save the place as Favorites , Want to go , or Starred places , or create a custom list.

The places you have saved will appear in “Saved places” for each trip.

Add to Saved places from Google Search or Google Maps

In order to add Saved places on mobile and desktop, you need to be signed in to your Google account.

Google Search

Search for an attraction and tap or click the star icon . It will then be saved as a “Starred place” in the Trips app.

Google Maps

Search for an attraction, open details by tapping or clicking on it, and then tap or click on the Save icon . You can then choose to save the place as Want to go, Favorites, or Starred places, or create a custom list. Places you saved will be available in the Trips app.


When saving or starring places on Google Search or Maps, make sure that you’re using the same Gmail address in Search or Maps as you are in the Trips app. To change the email address associated with the Trips app, tap the menu button  then  Settings.

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