Trip summaries won't be available anymore beginning May 1, though your travel reservations may still appear in other Google Services. To save a trip summary, click or tap the Share button.

Use the Google Travel Analytics Center

Our Travel Analytics Center provides our partners with useful performance and demand metrics through a user-friendly web portal. As a partner, you have safe access to service analytics that can help improve operations and empower strategic decision making.

Get Travel Analytics Center metrics

For commercial travel partners only

In the Travel Analytics Center you can find: 

  • Travel Demand Insights 
    •  Get current and future insights and trends on travel demand and destination popularity.
  • Marketing Performance
    • If you’re a Google Ads air partner, you can find campaign benchmark metrics for your origin and destination markets. If you’re a Google Hotel partner, get performance insights through
  • Google Flights Performance
    • If you’re a Google Flights Search or Enterprise partner, you can monitor your services on these platforms.

If you can’t access the Travel Analytics Center, contact your Google representative.

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