Using placeholders

If your source text includes HTML tags, they’re automatically replaced with placeholders to simplify your text for translation. When you export your document, the original HTML tags go back into place.

  • For example, here's a segment with original HTML tags: 
    The <font style="font-weight:bold">second</font>word in this sentence is in bold.  
  • Here's the same segment with placeholders:
    The {0}second{/0} word in this sentence is in bold.

Note: If your text contains HTML tags for images, the tags are converted into single placeholders like this: {0/}. 

Placeholders are numbered by their position

Placeholders are numbered according to their position in a segment. For example, the first placeholder would be shown as {0}{/0}, the next would be {1}{/1}, then {2}{/2}, etc. Single placeholders would be show as {0/}, {1/}, {2/}, etc., depending on their position.

Instructions and tips for using placeholders

Move placeholders

Sometimes you may want to move placeholders to create a better translation. For example, if a segment contains an italicized word, and you want to italicize the word in front of it also, you can move the beginning of the italics placeholder.

To move a placeholder, simply cut then paste it where you want. Here’s how:

  1. Click and drag over one end of the placeholder to highlight it.
  2. To cut it, click Control + X on a PC, or Command + X on a Mac.
  3. Place your cursor where you want to paste the placeholder.
  4. To paste it, click Control + V on a PC, or Command + V on a Mac.

To preview your placeholders, close the editing box by clicking the  at the top right.

Insert placeholders

If you’ve deleted placeholders, you can re-insert them. You can also insert additional placeholders.

To insert a placeholder in a segment:

  1. Click and drag over the words where you want the beginning and end of the placeholders to go.
  2. At the bottom of the editing box, click the HTML tags drop-down list Tip: Each placeholder in the list represents an HTML tag in your source text. You can hover over each placeholder for context.
  3. Click the placeholder you want to insert.

To preview your placeholders, close the editing box by clicking the  at the top right.

"Incorrect placeholders" message

You may see this message when you delete, move, or insert placeholders. This message is just a warning that the original placeholders have been changed. If the changes are intentional, you can ignore this message.


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