Translate segments with the Toolkit

You can use the Toolkit to help you translate each segment of your document. A segment is usually a sentence, header, or bullet.

With the Toolkit, you can:

  • Use translation matches from your translation memory and glossary.
  • Use machine translations.
See the Toolkit
  1. Go to Translator Toolkit.
  2. Open your document in the Translation editor.
  3. At the top right, click Show Toolkit.

The Toolkit will appear at the bottom of the page.

Use the Toolkit

The Toolkit is divided into two tabs you can use:

  • Automatic Translation Search: In this tab, you can see if there are translation matches for the segment you’re working on. Each time you select a new segment, Translator Toolkit automatically looks for more translation matches you can use.

  • Custom Translation Search: Here you can search for terms in your translation memory or glossary to help you translate a segment.

In each tab, you’ll see the following sections:

  • Translation Search Results: Here you can see translation matches from your translation memory. You can see whether each match is exact or near-exact. To use a match, click Use translation.

  • Computer Translation (Automatic Translation Search tab only): If there are no available matches from the translation memory, you can use the computer translation. To use a computer translation, click Use suggestion.

  • Glossary: If you uploaded a glossary, you can find any available glossary matches here. If there’s a glossary match, the term will be highlighted in your segment. Hover over the highlighted term to view the translation, or look at this Glossary section for details like part of speech and definition.

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