Track completion of a translation

You can keep track of your progress on a translation by viewing the “% complete.”

See the "% complete" of a translation
  1. Go to Translator Toolkit.
  2. On the translations list page, you'll see the “% complete” under the title of the translation. Or in the Translation editor, look at the top right corner to see “% complete.”

Keep in mind:

  • The “% complete” is not updated in real time. You you may need to wait a few minutes after working on a translation for your progress to be accurately shown.
  • Machine translations do not count in the “% complete” unless you’ve edited them.
Mark a translation as complete

If you finish translating a document and it does not show “100% complete,” you can mark it as complete.

  1. Go to Translator Toolkit.
  2. Open your document in the Translation editor.
  3. Click File > Translation complete > OK.


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