About Translator Toolkit

You can translate content fast and accurately with Translator Toolkit. Use this online editor and its tools to improve, share, and collaborate on your translations. 

Translator Toolkit is designed for professional translators, but is available for anyone to use.

With Translator Toolkit you can:

  • Translate and localize many types of content: Upload documents, AdWords ads, and more.
  • Use translation memories: Save time by using a personal translation memory or the global, shared translation memory.
  • Use glossaries: Upload a glossary to help improve your terminology.
  • Edit: Use the editor and tools to make changes to your translations.
  • Share and collaborate: Invite others to work on a translation with you. Or get help from a professional translator.
  • Save: Store your translations in Translator Toolkit and work on them at your own pace.
  • Export: Export your finished translations in their original file format.

How is Translator Toolkit different from Google Translate?

Google Translate is an instant, online translator. Translator Toolkit is an online editor that lets you modify and collaborate on translations generated by Google Translate.

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